Mobile RAM

RAM means Random Access Memory.

It is a volatile memory which temporarily holds the working data, till the application is closed.

Once the application is closed the space used by the program is freed up.

Once the Mobile phone is shut down or restarts this memory is wiped.

Since RAM is a temporary storage it helps in faster operation of data writing and erasing. So the RAM also helps in the speedy operation of a Mobile, and is one of the factor for the speedy operation of a Mobile Phone.

Earlier lower values of RAM was used in Mobile phones, however present phones comes with 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB (memory size) RAM.

If the RAM memory size is high, the speed is also high.

Whenever we type something, the typed information is stored in RAM

Whenever we open an application, the application users RAM for temporary input output memory usage. Example applications: video games, video player, audio player, text messages,etc

When we close the message / text or any other application, the used space is freed up in the RAM.

RAM handles temporary memory usage, which helps in the opening, working and closing of an application.


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