What is a Mobile Phone ?

A Mobile phone is an electronic device that can receive and make calls, within a wireless network.

A handy and portable phone that is connected wirelessly is also a Mobile Phone

A Mobile Phone is also called as a Smart Phone, Cell Phone, Feature Phone or a handset.

There are two types of Mobile Phone based on usage - Feature phone and Smartphone

A Feature Phone is a basic phone. It provides voice calling and text messaging feature, in addition to basic multimedia and Internet facilities. 
Feature phone or basic mobile phone uses a proprietary,  custom-designed software and user interface. Hence a small display unit with button type-pad is available. This type of phone is useful for people who need to use voice calls for long time or who needs the basic features of a phone.

smartphone generally use a mobile operating system and the essential features of a computer.

It's a mini computer with phone features. Similar to a computer, a smartphone has either logically or electronically integrated processor, RAM, storage, software and operating system. 

The software in smartphone is referred as an application or in short an app. Apart from this a smart phone has various features and facilities that we can make use of.

Note: The mobile phone we are discussing in this blog is mainly about the smart phone

A Cell Phone operates under a Cell Tower, which broadcasts network signal of the carrier or service provider or telephone operator. A cell phone can work in any parts of these carrier operator broadcasting areas.

A Sim Card is a small chip that carries the information of your mobile number assigned by the Sim card Mobile operator or carrier.

There are GSM and CDMA types of connectivity available to connect to a mobile phone network. 

Some of the Mobile network operators in USA are Verizon Wireless , AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, Vodaphone, Sprint Corporation and US Cellular

Unlocked mobile phones are the phones not attached to any service provider or carrier.

You can choose any phone and any carrier SIM card (phone number).
At any point of time you can change you SIM card (phone number).
They operate under GSM network.

Carrier phones are phones locked by a particular carrier (phone operator) for example verizon or Sprint. These type of phones operate under CDMA technology. Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular are the major CDMA networks in the U.S. It does not have a SIM slot / card for receiving calls. 

Nowadays handsets supporting both CDMA and GSM standards are also available.

Making and receiving voice call is the primary operation of a Mobile Phone.

However, there are other useful services available in modern mobile phones. They are SMS - short messaging service, games, chat, music, browsing, photography, social Media, etc


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