How to choose a budget Mobile Phone ?

You need a cost effective phone, a budget phone, yes it is possible. .

You have the choice of a basic mobile / feature mobile or Basic Smartphone.
You don't have much options in feature mobile, but have the basic voice call, sms and basic internet features in few mobiles.
The other option, is you can choose the basic level smartphones with limited features.

Normally a budget phones come with low mAh battery value. The charge does not retain for long if you are going to hear songs, watch video or play games for long time. Budget phones are well suited for calling and messaging services.

You can choose from one or more of the below choices:

Choice 1: List Price - under 50$ and 50 to 100$

Choice 2: OS - Android - Kitkat and above, Windows 8.1and above, iOS 6 and above

Choice 3: RAM - from 512MB or 1GB RAM

Choice 4: Internal Memory - from 8Gb to 16GB

Choice 5: Processor - dual or quad core. Sometimes octa core comes in low price. Qualcomm Snapdragon is generally available.

Choice 6: Battery - Normally less than 2000 mAh

Other choices :
Screen size of 4 to 6 inch. TFT / LCD Screen
Dual Camera starting from 2/4MP Front, 8MP Rear
Unlocked or carrier phone (GSM / CDMA).
2G / 3G connectivity. 4G in some mobiles
New and refurbished mobile phones
Single SIM or Dual SIM
External memory - upto 16GB or 64GB available.


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