Mobile Phone Camera

Initially analog VGA cameras with low resolution were introduced. Now a days some feature mobile (basic mobile) phones and most of the smartphones have digital cameras.

Modern mobile phones have 2 cameras at front and rear side. The front side is used for taking selfies which has lower pixels of resolution and rear side is the main camera that can take higher resolution picture than the front  camera. Normally all cameras, have autofocus which makes the picture sharper to look. They also have digital zoom facility.

Aperture and Megapixels (MP) are the two things to be noticed.

Higher the pixels, higher is the resolution of the pictures taken.
Example: Front - 5MP, Rear- 8 MP; Front - 8MP Rear - 16 MP

Aperture is the camera lens opening measurement, measured as f-number, which controls the amount of light passing through the lens. Aperture also has an effect on depth of field and diffraction
The effective aperture is expressed by an f-number

The smaller the f/number, the larger is the effective aperture. The higher the f-number, the smaller is the camera lens opening

Example: f/2.2 is a good value of powerful camera.

However the aperture is not mentioned in many mobile phone product description. Only in high quality phone or costlier phones, this valued is mentioned.


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