SIM Slot in Mobile Phone

It is generally found in the rear side of the mobile phone, which can be accessed after opening the back cover. It is placed below or near to the battery seating.

CDMA phone does not need a SIM card. New Phones have Sim slot on the sides of the phone (left / right / top side).

Earlier single slot was provided for SIM card. Nowadays we get dual sim slot for using 2 SIM’s

There are 3 basic types of SIM Sizes presently in use - Mini, Micro and Nano sim

While checking the Mobile phone product description, please check this feature carefully, as some dual sim phones, has only one sim as active, or sometimes the dual sim feature is not mentioned or not noted by the customers.
Sometimes the old mobile sim might be Mini sim which need to be replaced by micro or nano sim in new phones. You need to contact your carrier or mobile operator to change the sim card type.


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