What are the advantages of Mobile Phone ?

You can Surf and browse in mobile phone
Learn various topic and subject from internet
Get connected to friends and relatives using chat and social applications
Podcast - you can create and view or hear podcasts
Live videos - watch live videos
Entertainment of various choices - games, videos, music, news, etc
Take it anywhere
Earn by creating videos, blogging, and selling online.
Donate money, help to needy people online.
Help others in their queries through, writing, blogs, comments, videos and forums.
Get help from others through questions, chat, videos, forums and search engines
Social apps sites helps us to entertain, learn, communicate with world and stay connected with friends and relatives
Various Games helps us to spend our free time
You can Work from home using podcast, blog, video making, news making, marketing and selling online.
In short the World is in your hand


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