Why should you buy a Mobile Phone ?

Basically a mobile phone is used for Voice calls and short message service (SMS). Every basic mobile is capable of doing this. Since it is wireless you can carry the phone to any part of the country, where ever your Mobile phone operator service is available. Hence Mobile phone is an important requirement of the day for communicating with others. It shrinks the world and its usage has broadened. Nowadays mobile number is needed even to create a mail id or to authenticate it.

Your mobile number is used in the government records for your identity and communication. Just like an address, a phone is essential today. You can call a customer care. You can gift someone. You can talk to you near and dear ones. You can order a pizza, you can book a cab, and so on. You even find online jobs through your mobile.

You are very well aware of the common uses of mobile phone. However smartphones have much more features and options that we may not know much.

A smartphone is a mini computer. You can draw, make a text file, create videos, and even shoot a short film. You can browse internet, make use of social networks, share files and folders, play video games, pay online, purchase online, send gifts online. You can search maps and directions of any place on earth. You can plan a trip based the routes displayed by the maps. You can even navigate with your car, and your phone will guide you directions on road.

Kids are crazy with games and even the grown ups. You can download a racing game, a cartoon, an assistant, and many more apps. There are many categories of game apps in a mobile.

If you are a news savvy, you can get instant news updates in your mobile. Lot of pages and apps gives you news updates.

Want to chat with your near and dears, yes it is possible. Many messengers like google hangout, yahoo messenger, skype, whatsapp, and many more apps give you the chat experience.

When you want to be socially connected to the world, you have facebook, twitter, and much more apps.

The saying is true with mobile “The world in our hand”. Plenty of web pages, apps, podcasts, updates, blogs, learning sessions, ecommerce, job and a greater world is in your smart mobile.

It's the need of the day.. It’s Your companion. You can set an alarm and plan your daily activities.

Are you a professional ?, you have your own world in your mobile. From training to job, clients, customers, outsourcing, teaching, helping, assistance, and many things you can do with your mobile.

You have office tools for typing your contents, spreadsheets to maintain large data, chart, presentation, create forms and most of the tools is available in mobile to download.

There is no shortage of Entertainment in your phone. You have your own music, video, you can record your voice, sing a song. You can choose a kitchen dish making methods and try at home.  So why should you not buy a mobile phone ?. Yes you can, is it not ?


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